Road trips, sporting events, corporate outings, and off-site work obligations all have the same specific requirement: big transportation. We make travel planning in Chicago easy at Paragon Car & Van Rental. Choose from a variety of van types that suit your needs. Because no matter where you’re going, we’ll help you get your group and your cargo there in comfort and style. The beautiful and expertly maintained minivans, passenger vans (both 12- and 15-passenger capacity), and cargo vans in our impressive fleet are ready for you now. Call (773) 622-7660 today and request a quote.


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Perfect for Families & Small Groups

Vacations and road trips are better with a vehicle from Paragon. When you rent a van from us, you will have plenty of room for your luggage and space to spare for your passengers. When everyone is happy and relaxed, you can focus on making the most out of your journey. Our minivans are perfect for families and small groups with travel destinations in mind. And these vehicles are also very manageable for any driver, which makes them excellent options to act as temporary replacements when you need the extra space while your vehicle is in the shop for repairs.

Full Fleet of Passenger Van Rentals

Occasionally you need to get large groups of people somewhere together, whether it’s for work or some other special event. At Paragon, we’ll work with you to determine exactly what vehicle will be best. A passenger van rental can meet your specific needs — choose from either a 12-passenger van or a 15-passenger van at Paragon.

Cargo Van Rentals Make Hauling Easy

When you have supplies and equipment to haul but no way to get them where you’re going, we have a simple suggestion: rent a cargo van from Paragon. We’ll put you in the perfect vehicle for transporting your materials safely and easily to conferences, jobs, trade shows, and more.