Moving soon? Making a delivery? Transporting equipment? Oversized trucks are stressful. You need a cargo van rental from Paragon Car & Van Rental in Chicago. We offer a wide selection of vehicles — including passenger vansminivans, and more — at affordable prices. Plus we’re a family business, so one of the friendly owners will help you find the van, car, or SUV that you need. Call (773) 622-7660 today to reserve your moving van rental, or request a quote online now.

Cargo Van Rental Chicago

Chevy Express or Similar

Seats 2

Air Conditioning

AM/FM Stereo

Moving Vans are a Simple Solution

Your task is simple. You need to move large or numerous items from one location to another. Luckily, your solution is simple too; a moving van rental is the perfect choice. Large events, like weddings, work conferences, and sporting events have one basic requirement: a cargo van to easily transport all your supplies. The versatility and storage space of these vehicles are also great for bands hitting the road on tour. You can even haul your cargo internationally. Unlike most of our competitors, we allow customers to drive our vehicles — including 12-passenger and 15-passenger vans — to Canada and Mexico.

What You Can Haul in a Cargo Van Rental

You might be thinking that you require something larger than a cargo van. But these vehicles have surprising storage capacity, perfect for hauling:

  • Musical gear
  • Sporting equipment
  • Furniture
  • Film equipment
  • Electronics
  • Much more!
Moving Van Rentals Chicago

Affordable Moving Van Rentals

City life in Chicago sometimes requires you to load up all your stuff for new living arrangements. For those times, you need something affordable that you can maneuver through busy traffic. A cargo van rental gives you plenty of room for your belongings without putting you behind the wheel of an unnecessarily intimidating big rig.