The simplest solution is the best solution when it comes to making travel arrangements for a large group of people. And the best solution is a passenger van rental at Paragon Car & Van Rental in Chicago. Our spacious and expertly maintained passenger vans will make your trip a success, whether you’re traveling cross-country, out of the country, or even just around town. Everyone in your group can reach the destination on time, together, and ready for the awaiting adventures. Call (773) 622-7660 today to reserve your passenger van or request a quote online.

12-Passenger Vans

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15-Passenger Vans

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Rent a Passenger Van & Travel Together

When you need to transport a large group of people somewhere, it isn’t very practical to rent multiple cars. Even renting an SUV or minivan won’t always cut it with large groups. So a passenger van rental makes far more sense. The 12-passenger vans at Paragon have plenty of room for people and cargo, so your group will be able to travel together in stress-free comfort wherever you’re headed — to the family reunion, work outing, or sporting event.

So what do you do when your group doesn’t fit in the 12-passenger van? That’s easy. Just upgrade and rent a passenger van that seats 15 people comfortably with cargo room to spare. Load up your group into a beautiful 15-passenger van, and start creating positive memories and taking in the sights together without anyone feeling like they’re crammed into the backseat or isolated in separate cars.