3 Budget-Friendly Tips When You Need to Rent a Car

When people think about renting a car, they often think it’s only for out-of-town vacations or work-related trips. But, sometimes there are circumstances that cause you to have to rent a car when you weren’t planning on this extra expense. This is why Paragon Car & Van Rental is sharing three budget-friendly tips for the next time you need to rent a car in the Chicago area.1. Rent an Economy CarThe best way to save on a car rental is by renting what we call an economy car. While these vehicles may be smaller in size, they are definitely not smaller in power and value. These practical and economical vehicles are perfect for those who are traveling on a budget. Whether you need a rental car for a family emergency in the Chicago area or an insurance replacement for your broken down vehicle, we’ve got the perfect budget-friendly rental car … Continued