Family road trips can sometimes be boring, but they don’t have to be if you’re well-prepared with some fun activities. Paragon Car & Van Rental recommends setting aside the electronics and playing any one of these good, old-fashioned road trip games with your family. 

4 Fun Road Trip Games the Whole Family Will Enjoy

1. Cows on My Side

This game takes advantage of any country roads or state highways on which you may be driving. Whoever sees a cow has to yell, “Cows on my side!” Every time someone sees a cow on the side of the car, they get one point. If a person sees a cow on the other side of the car and shouts “Cows on my side!” before that passenger does, they steal a point from them. 

2. The Alphabet Game

If you took road trips as a child, then you probably remember this exciting game. Each person in the car has to find a word that starts with the letters A to Z. Begin with A and move on until you reach Z. Whoever reaches Z first wins. You can look for words on billboards, business signs, and road signs. 

3. Find the States

This is another classic road trip game that takes advantage of all the license plates you see while traveling. The idea is to find a license plate from every single state in the U.S. Whoever finds all 50 states first wins! As it can be difficult to find all 50 states, you may want to set a more reasonable goal such as 20 state license plates. 

4. The Movie Game

The goal of The Movie Game is to connect actors through the movies in which they starred. One person begins by naming an actor or actress. The next person names a movie in which they were featured. Next, another passenger has to name a different actor or actress from that movie, and the following person calls out a different movie in which that particular actor or actress starred. The game continues from there until no one can come up with a connecting movie or actor/actress.

Minivan Rentals for Your Summer Vacation

Keep everyone happy and safe with these fun road trip games, and a clean and well-maintained minivan rental from Paragon. Call (773) 622-7660 to make a reservation, or request a quote online. We allow travel to Canada and Mexico with our passenger vans, SUVs, economy cars, and mid-size cars.

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