Are you planning an out-of-town event with family or friends? Why not carpool and save on expensive gas prices with a 15-passenger van from Paragon Car & Van Rental? Not only will you save money by driving only one vehicle, but you’ll also save time by not having to wait for several other cars to catch up to the group. If you find yourself planning any of the events listed below, you may just want to take advantage of our roomy and well-maintained passenger vans.

Rent a 15-Passenger Van for These 3 Out-of-Town Events

1. Mission Trip

When your church is planning their next mission trip, consider renting one of the 15-passenger vans from Paragon. With plenty of space for passengers and an abundance of storage for belongings, you can’t go wrong with one of our comfortable passenger vans. We also know that many mission teams need to bring their own tools and supplies. Our vans have the capacity you need for hauling these types of items.

2. Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are unique, special, and also fun! Make the time even more extraordinary by reserving a 15-passenger van for your special day. Whether your wedding is taking place in the continental United States or north or south of the border, there are absolutely no worries. We allow our customers to drive our vehicles to both Mexico and Canada. Your wedding party will have a ball traveling together and experiencing the entire event with each other. 

3. Sporting Event

Is your business planning an out-of-town trip to a sporting event? Are you planning to attend a long-distance sports game with another family? Our 15-passenger vans are perfect for this type of travel. There are so many things to think about when attending an event like a national sports function: hectic traffic, expensive parking, designated drivers, and more. With a passenger van, you have one vehicle to drive, one vehicle to park, and one responsible driver. 

Plan Your Next Trip with Paragon

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