Traveling sports teams
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As the summer season ends, it’s time to begin thinking about back to school in Chicagoland communities. Fall is filled with football practice, soccer games, and traveling sports. Do your students’ team members and their sports gear fit in your personal vehicle? If you’re looking for a way to streamline your athletic traveling, Paragon Car & Van Rental has the solution for you. Bring comfort and efficiency to your next sporting event by renting a passenger van

Take the guess work out of sports carpooling. Check out these strategies featuring tips and tricks from SignUpGenius (2017):

Set up a Carpool

There’s no “I” in team! It’s time to divvy up the responsibility among parents and recruit willing participants into a carpool system. Why not share the driving if we’re all going to the same event? By setting clear goals and expectations amongst the group, everyone wins. Consider discussing these expectations before going on your first carpool:

  • Set a driving rotation and schedule 
  • Establish a communication system 
  • Discuss medical and emergency plan
  • Set behavior and car etiquette expectations

Prepare for the mass

Passenger Van Rental
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With the right vehicle, you can store the sports gear, equipment, and participants in one vehicle. For weekend tournaments, renting a passenger vehicle ensures adequate space and safety for all passengers. With 12-passenger and 15-passenger vans, Paragon makes your group travel stress-free and comfortable. 

Planning Ahead

As the driver, you’re in demand. Despite the best planning, there will always be a few hiccups. Don’t forget to set yourself up for success by remembering these basics:

  • Bring maps and navigation tools.
  • Don’t skip meals, and bring snacks. 
  • Bring charging equipment for cell phones and cameras.
  • Bring weather appropriate gear.

By setting some systems in place and utilizing local resources like Paragon Car & Van Rental, your sports outings are made easy. Take the stress out of the commute so you can focus on the fun of fall sporting events. For a quote on your passenger van rental, call (773) 622-7660.

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