If you’re traveling locally or long-distance for a regular-season game, tournament, or championship, you want a reliable, trustworthy vehicle that can transport everyone safely. Plus, it’s nice to have some extra storage space for equipment, uniforms, and coolers. The vans at Paragon Car & Van Rental can more than meet your traveling needs. Check out how we can help your sports team make the most of their voyage.

Van Rentals for All of Your Sports Games Needs

College Teams

Does your local college team have a series of out-of-town games on its schedule? If so, our 12- or 15-passenger vans are an ideal transportation solution. With plenty of room for athletes and their equipment, you can rent one or more of our passenger vans to fit everyone on the team.

Travel Teams

If your student is a member of a travel team, you most likely do a ton of driving. Rather than always carpooling or taking separate vehicles, why not rent a passenger van instead? All team members can ride in one vehicle and arrive at the same time to their destination. If you have a lot of equipment, you can always rent a minivan for extra luggage and a few extra people too.


Perhaps your sports team stays local most of the time but is scheduled to play a few out-of-town tournaments. Whether a few families would like to carpool together in a minivan rental or the entire team wants to travel together in a passenger van, we can certainly accommodate you. Families can share the driving and the cost of gas, and the team players will have a great time before and after the game.

Tailgate Parties

Maybe you’re not a member of a sports team, but you love attending their games. Whether it’s the Cubs, White Sox, or Bulls, our minivans or passenger vans make the perfect tailgating vehicle. If you’re traveling out of town for the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, or Indianapolis Colts, we’ve got you covered. Local jaunt or long trip, either way, you’ll be glad you rented a van from us to host the pre-game party.

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