Touring the sights in Chicago can be a fun and memorable time for your entire family. Make it even easier with a van rental from Paragon Car & Van Rental. Depending on how many people you’re transporting and what you’ll be doing in the Windy City, you may not be sure which van rental is right for you. We offer three types of vans for rent. They each have their own unique comforts and amenities that make them ideal for your particular travels.

Which Van Rental Is Right for My Chicago Sightseeing Tour?

Minivan Rentals

If you have a few family members visiting from out of town and none of you owns a vehicle big enough to fit everyone, then our minivan rentals are the perfect option. And they are manageable in size when it comes to finding parking spots in downtown Chicago. They seat up to seven people, have air conditioning, and allow everyone to ride around together to view the local sights.

12-Passenger Van Rentals

When your party includes more than seven people but less than 12, our 12-passenger van rental can safely and comfortably drive everyone around on your historical and cultural excursion. A 12-passenger van allows everyone to enjoy seeing the sights together. If you’ll be gone all day, driving from the Art Institute of Chicago all the way to Lincoln Park Zoo, and stopping at various locales on the way, passengers can ride or nap comfortably with the included rear reclining seats.

15-Passenger Van Rentals

For larger groups, our 15-passenger van rentals will turn your sightseeing tour into an amazing time together. Not only can you view the sights as a family, but if you plan on doing some shopping along the way, there’s plenty of room for lugging all those shopping bags back to your home or hotel.

Serving Families Since 1962

As a family-owned business, we look forward to serving other families in need of safe and well-maintained van rentals in the Chicago area. Call us today at (773) 622-7660 or request a quote online for one of our van rentals. If you’re traveling alone or with a small group of people, or need to haul equipment or furniture, we also have SUV rentals, mid-size car rentals, economy car rentals, and cargo van rentals.