At Paragon Car & Van Rental, some of our favorite clients are band members. We love supporting local musicians.

Anyone who’s ever been in a band—or near one—can attest to the fact that it helps greatly to have a passenger van to cart everything around and keep everyone together. Here are some great reasons to consider renting a passenger van if you have a local band or if you need to rent a van after flying to the Chicago area from out of town.

Gear Protection

As every band knows, it gets really old trying to stuff everything into the separate cars that belong to band members. This is how things get damaged or lost. But with a passenger van to cart around your instruments, equipment, merch, stage props, and various other materials that bands need, you’ll be keeping everything safe and in one place. This also makes loading and unloading much easier.

Stick Together

Besides this, if your band is lucky enough to go on tour, no matter how big or small the tour is, a passenger van will be a much better option than different cars. Other than the benefit of keeping everything together in one vehicle, as band members it’s good to stick together on the road. Not only will you arrive and leave at the same time (which prevents stragglers), you can spend time together while traveling to work on writing music, hang out, practice, and keep an eye on each other.

Band With Passenger Van
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Look Legit

When a band arrives together in a passenger van—as opposed to several different cars, all at different times, each one filled to the brim with instruments and gear—it gives a more professional impression. It makes you look like you have yourselves together, instead of looking like disorganized beginners. Arriving at the same time means you can immediately begin setting up because you won’t be waiting on someone who’s taking their time. You will be a unit. A unit that plays amazing music!


For all these reasons, renting a passenger van is a very smart choice for touring bands—or even just for bands who play locally. At Paragon Car & Van Rental, we love serving bands with our 12-passenger vans and our 15-passenger van rentals. If you’re in the Chicago area and you’re considering renting a van for your show or tour, please feel free to contact us at (773) 622-7660or request a quote online. With Paragon, you’ll get a quality vehicle with friendly service every time.