Do you have a business that transports crew or staff members or delivers goods to job sites around the Chicago area? If so, then you need to take advantage of the clean and spacious passenger vans from Paragon Car & Van Rental. While many of our customers rent these roomy vans when traveling in large groups, they’re also the ideal vehicle for transporting your staff to and from various job sites. We serve many Chicago businesses in this regard, but here are three of the more common industries we assist with our helpful passenger vans.

3 Industries We Serve with Our Passenger Vans

1. Residential & Commercial Construction

If you have a large residential or major commercial construction job that requires several crew members, consider renting a 15-passenger van. Rather than asking the crew to arrive at the job site with their own vehicles, ask everyone to meet at the shop where they can pile in the van and arrive at the work site together. Plus there’s plenty of room for everyone to bring personal gear, tools, and coolers.

2. Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning and sanitizing a large commercial office or building is hard work. Make it easy on your staff and yourself by transporting the team and all cleaning supplies and equipment to the job site. If you need to haul any bulky cleaning equipment like vacuums, carpet cleaners, or pressure washers, consider renting one of our spacious cargo vans.

3. Catering & Event Services

Whether you’re hosting a residential holiday party or an annual corporate gala, our passenger van rentals can safely drive you and your team to the venue. For transporting catering supplies like buffet equipment, table linens, or display stands, use the available space in the back of the van. You can also remove the last row of seats if you need more room for the occasion. 

Affordable Passenger Vans

To rent a passenger van from Paragon, call our office today at (773) 622-7660 or request a quote online. In addition to our passenger vans, we also rent minivans, economy cars, midsize cars, and SUVs.