We may still be in the depths of winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start dreaming of spring! In fact, now is the time to make plans and secure your mode of transportation if you want to travel anywhere over your spring break. Paragon Car & Van Rental offers a fleet of reliable, well-maintained vehicles to get you to your exciting adventures. Let’s explore three reasons it would benefit you to rent a passenger van over spring break.

Passenger Van Rentals

1. All the Space You Need

When you travel in a passenger van, you can be certain you will have plenty of space for all of the passengers, luggage, and gear you need to bring along. Even a minivan or an SUV won’t leave much space once they are filled with passengers. We offer spacious 12-passenger van rentals and 15-passenger van rentals to accommodate your group.

2. A Cost Saving Solution 

Are you planning a spring break trip for a large family or a group? Perhaps there is an event taking place over your break that you want to attend with all of your friends. A passenger van will save you money on gas, as well as having to transport multiple vehicles to the same location.

3. Flexibility and Convenience 

There’s no need to stress about finding parking for several vehicles when your group travels together in a passenger van. Also, you won’t have to worry about coordinating meeting locations for stops. You can make your trip a meaningful and memorable experience with the extra time you will have with your fellow travelers on the road.

Get a Quote for Your Rental 

Paragon Car & Van Rental will deliver an enjoyable rental experience, whether you stay around Chicago or go on a cross-country adventure. We are family-owned and -operated, and our customers’ experience means everything to us. Contact us today at (773) 622-7660 to request a quote for your rental. We offer vehicle rentals for every occasion in the Chicago area and beyond.