Does your Chicago area school travel in-state or out-of-state for choir, chorale, band, or ensemble performances? Maybe you’re looking at your schedule for the upcoming school year and are already trying to plan accordingly. If so, Paragon Car & Van Rental would like to offer some helpful tips for planning a successful out-of-town performance. 

3 Travel Tips for Your School's Music Chorale or Band Ensemble

1. Plan, Plan, & Plan Some More

The one thing that can make your out-of-town performance positive and memorable is planning well and planning ahead. Begin with a timeline and checklist of particular tasks that need to be completed by specific dates. For example, the dates when permission slips need to be turned in, hotel reservations need to be made, and vans or buses need to be reserved. Find a few well-organized individuals who can help you. Delegate some of the tasks so you’re not completely responsible for planning the entire trip.

2. Don’t Cut Corners on Comfort

When traveling with a smaller group or ensemble, you want to be sure everyone in your party is well-rested and ready for the day’s events. Renting a clean, comfortable passenger van can make all the difference for your band or choir members. Everyone is probably nervous, and needs to be able to relax and enjoy the ride. With one of our spacious passenger vans, your group will have no problem experiencing a calm, peaceful ride. 

3. Use Separate Vehicles for Passengers & Equipment

Don’t make things miserable for everyone by trying to squeeze equipment, luggage, coolers, and people into one or two passenger vans. Rent a 12- or 15-passenger van for the members of your party, and then rent a cargo van for all of the necessary equipment, gear, and baggage. Chorale members will need to transport choir robes or possibly several changes of clothing, depending on the performances you have planned. Band members will need to bring instruments and music stands. Renting two separate vehicles will make the trip easier and simpler for everyone.

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