Is your church planning an out-of-town or local event that requires affordable and reliable transportation? Look no further than Paragon Car and Van Rental. We can help you choose the best vehicle for your church group’s specific needs. If you have a minimal budget, no worries! We offer cheap car rentals, as well as reasonable rates on all of our van rentals, for transportation to a variety of church events.

4 Church Events That May Require a Rental Vehicle

1. Missions Trips

When you have a national or international mission trip planned, our team can provide the rental vehicles you need. Your church can take our vehicles anywhere in the continental US, and can also be driven across the border into Canada or Mexico.

2. Youth Group Trips

Whether it’s a local event or an out-of-town journey, Paragon has a rental solution for your particular needs. Call us the next time you need a rental vehicle for any number of occasions, including:

  • Minivan rentals for local charity work.
  • Rental cars for long-distance small group events.
  • Passenger vans for annual trips to summer camp.

3. Weekend Retreats

Weekend events, such as retreats or conferences, take place several times throughout the year. Save the wear-and-tear on your own vehicle by renting a car or SUV, and splitting the cost between the members of your group. 

4. National Conferences

For many churches, national conferences for both adults and youth typically include a large number of people. Reserve one of our well-maintained 12-passenger or 15-passenger van rentals in order to accommodate all church members who would like to attend these extraordinary and life-changing events.

Clean, Quality Vehicles

Paragon has been serving the Chicago area with our high-quality and well-maintained rental vehicles since 1962. Contact us today at (773) 622-7660 to reserve a rental, or request a free quote online. We look forward to assisting your church with its transportation needs.