Are you looking for a high-quality vehicle rental company in the Chicago area? Are you planning a vacation out of state and want a clean, reliable vehicle that will get you there safely and on time? Look no further than Paragon Car & Van Rental. With our family-friendly attitude and commitment to quality, customer service, you will be glad you reserved a vehicle from us.

5 Commitments to Service & Excellence in the Chicago Area

1. Family-Owned & -Operated

Paragon rental is indeed a family-owned and -operated business. Brothers Phil, Ernie, and Michael all work at the business, either in management, as mechanics, or in other supportive roles. We treat all of our customers as we would treat our own family members.

2. Clean, Quality Vehicles

Before and after each rental, our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any damage. With our own mechanics on staff, we also maintain and repair our cars, vans, and SUVs on time and with careful attention to detail.

3. Travel to Canada & Mexico

Unlike our competitors, we allow our rental vehicles to cross state lines and even travel into Canada and Mexico. If your sports team is competing across the border in Ontario, or your family is vacationing in Mexico, you can drive our vehicle into those countries with no worries whatsoever.

4. Work Directly with Insurance Companies

One of the perks of renting from Paragon is our exceptional office staff that handles all insurance paperwork. If you were in an accident and need an insurance replacement, we can help with the entire process. Not only do we work with your insurance company, but we can also assist you in completing forms and submitting paperwork.

5. Free Pick-up from Local Auto Repair Shops

Being without a vehicle while yours is in the shop can be a frustrating experience. When you reserve a rental with us, we will pick you up at the auto repair shop with your clean rental vehicle ready and waiting for you.

Reserve a Rental Vehicle for Your Next Out-Of-State Trip

Call Paragon at (773) 622-7660, and make a reservation today. We have a vehicle that’s perfect for your unique travel needs in and out of the Chicago area, including minivans, cargo vans, 12-passenger vans, SUVs, and cars.