Do you need to move large or heavy items from one location to another in the Chicago area? Perhaps you have an upcoming concert, sports competition, or are relocating from one side of the Windy City to the other. You may think you need something larger than a cargo van, but the vans at Paragon Car & Van Rental have a surprising amount of storage capacity for hauling all kinds of items such as sports equipment, living room furniture, musical gear, and more. Let us show you how a cargo van rental can make your next event or relocation much easier.

Haul These 3 Items With Our Spacious Cargo Van Rentals

1. Musical Gear

If you are traveling out of town for a chorale performance or band concert, a cargo van can easily transport all of your essential items. Whether you need to bring along choir robes, musical instruments, or luggage for the band members, our cargo vans offer plenty of space for all of these items and more.

2. Sports Equipment

Are you planning to attend an out-of-state sports game or competition? Rather than take several smaller vehicles, consider renting a few of our vans. A cargo van can hold all of your equipment such as uniforms, bats, balls, helmets, gloves, and more. With one of our passenger van rentals, you can transport the entire team in one vehicle. No need to carpool or use your personal vehicles.

3. Furniture

When you’re moving from one place to another in the Chicago area, a cargo van is an ideal solution for transporting all of your belongings. It’s big enough to fit large, bulky furniture like dressers, coaches, or tables and chairs. It can also easily deliver appliances and large boxes too!

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