Is your church planning a fall retreat, leadership conference, or back-to-school event that’s out-of-town? If so, consider renting one of the spacious and comfortable vans from Paragon Car & Van Rental. We know that different church road trips require vehicles of varying sizes. You may need to drive a few people to a leadership conference or you may have a large youth ministry heading out on a summer mission trip. Whatever your transportation needs, we are here to provide a safe ride for everyone in your group. 

Rent Our Vans for Your Next Church-Related Road Trip


If you have a small group that’s attending an out-of-town event, consider renting one of our minivans. With room for up to seven people, this vehicle is perfect for taking members to a church district meeting, regional conference, or weekend retreat. All of our vehicles are cleaned and maintained between rentals, so you can trust that our minivans will get you to and from your event safely and comfortably.

Passenger Vans

If you have more than seven people attending a church event, our passenger vans can easily hold up to 15 passengers at a time. We have two sizes of passenger vans: 12-seaters and 15-seaters. Depending on how many people you’re taking or if you want plenty of room between passengers, we can set you up with a roomy van rental. Our passenger vans can be used for any type of church travel such as traveling on mission trips, transporting youth to summer camps, or taking your board on a leadership retreat.

Cargo Vans

Anytime you need to haul tents and supplies for a week of camping with the church youth or tools and building equipment for that annual mission trip, rent one of our cargo vans. There is room for two people, a driver and passenger, and plenty of open space for all the equipment, camping supplies, luggage, backpacks, and other items you need to bring with your group on a retreat, conference, or fun getaway.

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Your church group will greatly benefit from the high-quality and clean van rentals from Paragon. Request a free quote online or reserve now by calling (773) 622-7660. We also rent economy cars, mid-size cars, and SUVs for individuals, business travelers, and families visiting the Chicago area.