Sport utility vehicles are very popular. They provide many advantages including storage space, comfort for the driver and passengers, and an attractive and modern style. These are just a few of the reasons we offer SUV rentals here at Paragon Car & Van Rental. Whether your Chicago business needs to impress a client or your family needs a dependable vehicle for traveling across the country, you can count on our stylish and affordable SUV rentals.

When Do I Need to Rent an SUV?

Up to Eight People

When you have up to eight people to drive around the Chicago area or out-of-state, our SUV rentals offer both space and comfort for your entire party. Your passengers can stretch out and enjoy the long road trip ahead. Plus there’s plenty of room for them to bring along a bag of activities or food and drinks to help make the adventure a lot more fun.  

Cargo Space

Another perk of our SUV rentals is the extensive cargo space. If you’re driving out-of-town and need space for luggage, coolers, and other gear or equipment, our rental SUVs provide enough room for whatever you need to bring with you. If the cargo area is filled up, you can easily pack a small cooler or backpack with you in the seats. There really is a ton of room in our SUVs.

Power & Style

Sometimes you want to rent an SUV simply because you enjoy driving them. These trendy and stylish vehicles handle very well on any type of road. They also sit higher than cars, giving you a much better view of the road ahead. If you typically drive a minivan for your family vehicle, maybe you’d like to try out an SUV. We promise once you do, you will absolutely love it!

Reserve an SUV Today

Whether you need a spacious cargo van, a roomy passenger van, an economy or mid-size car, or an SUV, you can count on the team at Paragon. Call us today at (773) 622-7660 to make a reservation or request a quote online now. We serve the entire Chicago area with our affordable and dependable rental vehicles.