Rental SUVs provide several amazing benefits for both professional businesses and non-profit organizations in the Chicago area. With their comfort and style, spacious legroom, and ample trunk space, you can’t go wrong with an SUV from Paragon Car & Van Rental. If you find yourself in the circumstances or situations below, give us a call. We are more than happy to help you find the SUV rental that will best fit your unique needs.

Why Rent an SUV for Your Chicago Area Business or Organization?

Haul Equipment

When you need to haul large equipment or awkward boxes, an SUV provides plenty of room for storing and lugging these sizable items. Do you have a large number of boxes that need to be shipped to customers? Are you bringing extra equipment to a job site in the Chicago area? Whatever your needs, our roomy and spacious SUVs can handle the task.

Transport Passengers

For many organizations, such as non-profit charities, community sports teams, and churches, an SUV offers the space they need for transporting passengers to and from activities or events. Maybe your local sports team has a game a few hours outside of Chicago and you need the extra room for team members and equipment. If your church is planning a local missions event, an SUV can provide room for both volunteers and any gear needed for the event.

Shuttle Business Leaders

Chicago is one of the main hubs for businesses and professional industries in the US. With one of the largest airports in the country located near Chicago, many companies may need to provide shuttle service for traveling business leaders, CEOs, and other professionals. With one of the well-maintained SUVs from Paragon, you will provide your associates with a comfortable vehicle full of amenities during their stay in the Chicago area.

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