Whether you’re planning a vacation with extended family or you’re carpooling with your daughter’s soccer team to their next game, a minivan rental is the perfect option for a spacious and comfortable ride. Not only that, but it’s also an affordable alternative over renting several smaller vehicles. Let the team at Paragon Car & Van Rental make your next road trip smooth and stress-free with our first-class minivan rentals.

4 Ways Our Minivan Rentals Offer a Stress-Free Driving Experience

1. Spacious

Is your minivan in the shop and you need a replacement vehicle that offers the same amount of space? Many of our customers rent minivans from us when they need an insurance replacement. Life still goes on, even if your vehicle needs some mechanical work or an auto body repair. Our minivans can drop off and pick up kids from school, hold groceries and shopping bags while running errands, or store sports equipment until the next game. 

2. Comfortable

Are you planning a vacation out West and would like a vehicle with a bit more legroom than the family car? A minivan rental offers a comfortable and relaxing ride for all passengers in the vehicle. There’s enough room for seven people to sit comfortably, but if there are only five, that means more space for stretching out and enjoying a cozy, pleasant ride. That also means less complaining from the kids while driving. Now that’s a huge advantage of renting a minivan from us!

3. Affordable

When you need to rent a vehicle for transporting several passengers, such as a weekend getaway with friends or an out-of-town business conference, a minivan rental is an affordable option over renting several economy cars. Not only will you save on the rental fee, but you’ll also save on gas. Plus, you get the added benefit of enjoying the entire trip together.

4. Family-Owned Business

As a family-owned business, we offer a personal level of customer service that you won’t find at other vehicle rental agencies. Call us today at (773) 622-7660 or request a quote online now. We also rent other vehicles in the Chicago area including economy cars, mid-size cars, cargo vans, passenger vans, and SUVs.