Could your business use a reliable vehicle to transport equipment, supplies, and other items for various events around the Chicago area? If you don’t own a moving truck or cargo van, then you need a rental cargo van from Paragon Car & Van Rental. Our cargo vans are well-maintained, seat two people, have air conditioning, and can be driven into Canada or Mexico. The next time you need a spacious vehicle for hauling equipment for a business event, give us a call. We’re happy to provide you with a cargo van that will best fit your particular needs.

Rent a Cargo Van for These 3 Work-Related Events

1. Weddings

A cargo van rental is the perfect option for hauling the various items needed for someone’s special day. Whether you’re planning and managing an outdoor wedding, church wedding, rehearsal dinner, or wedding reception, the cargo vans at Paragon offer plenty of space for storing and delivering items such as:

  • Flowers and bouquets
  • Food and drinks
  • Table settings
  • Wedding and reception decor
  • Dancing and music equipment
  • And much more!

2. Trade Shows

A trade show provides plenty of opportunities for your specific industry to display its latest and greatest products or services. Many different industries utilize trade shows, trade fairs, exhibitions, and other like events to introduce their newest products, showcase real-life examples of their services, and collaborate with fellow industry associates. A cargo van rental allows you to safely and easily load and unload items like:

  • Presentation equipment
  • Samples and displays
  • Electronic and video equipment
  • Pamphlets and brochures
  • And more!

3. Video Production

Hauling around film and video equipment for a production event can get awfully tiring. Take advantage of the storage capacity of our rental cargo vans. If you need to capture video from a wide range of locations or travel away from the office, our cargo vans provide the space, versatility, and storage room for easily hauling expensive and sensitive equipment such as:

  • Computers
  • Video cameras
  • Digital cameras
  • Specialized lighting
  • Microphones
  • And more!

Affordable Cargo Vans

The cargo van rentals at Paragon are truly the best option for moving, transporting, or delivering goods and equipment throughout the entire Chicago area. Call us today at (773) 622-7660 or request a quote online now. We also rent economy cars, midsize cars, minivans, passenger vans, and SUVs.